Spice it Up! These 6 Seasonings Can Help Fight Fat

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Susan Ohtake, CPT

Spices can kick your metabolism into high gear, helping burn off more fat. Check out some of my metabolism-boosting favorites:


Turmeric has been used for flavoring and medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Although it isn’t as well-known in the West, it’s a common ingredient in foods in the Far and Near East. More than 6,000 studies over the past decade have helped us pinpoint the ways this “miracle spice” can improve your health.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Turmeric soothes chronic inflammation, which can lead to atherosclerosis, strokes, and artery diseases. Scientists have discovered that turmeric can be better at reducing inflammation than many over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs!
  • Better Brain Function: Stops the deterioration of neurotransmitters.
  • Improved Mental Health: Has been shown to be a viable treatment for depression.


Cayenne pepper and black pepper make any food taste better with their spicy heat—but did you know they’re also great for your health? That’s right! They can boost your metabolism, improve digestion, and increase your blood flow. A study published in a 2013 issue of the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry even found that black pepper has anti-cancer properties.

Pretty great results for something that’s also delicious!


Ginger provides a clean, refreshing bite to any food. It also helps keep you healthy. With ginger, you can improve digestion and even eat less. Ginger acts as an appetite suppressant, meaning you’ll be less likely to overeat after consuming it.

Ginger also speeds up your metabolism, so your body burns calories and fat faster. As an added bonus, it helps remove toxins from your body, carrying them away as your body burns more fat.


By now, ginseng is pretty well known in the West. It’s been an important ingredient in Eastern cooking for millennia, and now it’s showing up in American foods—particularly in energy drinks.

It’s a natural energy booster that also helps raise your metabolism. It has also been shown to lower blood sugar and cholesterol. Add ginseng to your diet for more pep in your step as well as extra flavor.


Cumin is a delicious spice with a warm, smoky flavor. In dishes from chili to curry to enchiladas, it provides a wonderful flavor to some of our favorite foods. How wonderful, then, that it is so good for us too.

In Eastern Medicine, cumin is used as a medicine. It is known to boost the immune system and its anti-oxidants protect your body’s cells from damage. It also lowers cholesterol and increases your energy levels, both important factors in fighting fat and its many harmful effects. That means you have more energy to burn stubborn fat as well as healthier fats to replace it.


Cinnamon is great in desserts and sweet dishes, adding a little dash of excitement to ordinary foods—especially fruits. As a bonus, it can actually help with weight loss.

Cinnamon helps you lose weight in three ways:

  • Increases Metabolism: This means you can burn fat faster!
  • Improves Insulin Sensitivity: Helps you manage your blood sugar levels and avoid weight gain.
  • Curbs Appetite: Cinnamon flavoring in things like gum, candy, or toothpicks, can reduce your food cravings.

With such amazing benefits, it’s time for you to get in the kitchen and add spice to your life today!

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