#1 Reason NOT to Care About Weight Loss (And Why You Should Exercise Anyway)


Susan Ohtake, CPT

Do you know what I hate?

“Fat loss.”

“Weight loss.”

“Slimming down.”

And “getting that beach ready summer body.”

Because getting skinny is not what consistent exercise should be about.

If you’re starting up a fitness program to shed stubborn fat—awesome. I applaud you, but that’s not what exercise should be about.

If you’re working out so you’ll look great in a pair of skinny jeans—that’s fine. But that’s not why you should work out every day.

If you’re regularly going out for a long run so you’ll be slim—good for you. But I don’t think “staying slim” should be your only motivation.

Exercise improves your health, improves your mood, improves your energy levels and much, much more. That’s why you should exercise.

Just look at what we’re surrounded with!

Head down any grocery store aisle and you’ll be hit in the face with a rack full of magazines with “perfect” models on the cover.

And I know…

…the “mainstream” is getting more body positive now-a-days.

You see more major magazines, TV networks, movies and more featuring women of many different body types. Women who don’t have that rail-thin perfection that was shoved down our throats for years and years.

What I’ve been so incredibly excited to see in the last few years is that the conversation is changing.

As a society, we’re moving away from skinny. That’s a good thing. But when you think about it…has all that much really changed?

negative thoughts.jpg

“I Hate Myself.”

There are 3,000 ways to shed fat, get fit, and firm up your body.

If you’ve tried any of them, you know just how exhausting they can be.

Restrictive diets, special shopping lists, foods you can’t eat but your family can…

Endless workouts, hours of cardio, dragging yourself to spin class…

It takes a toll.

But do you know what’s worse?

Most of us start a workout program or diet from a place of “self-hate.”

Self-hate is often our motivation. Right?

Get anyone to tell you the real reason they are exercising so much…

…or the real reason they are on that starvation diet…

99 times out of 100 is because of self-hate.

It comes down to the way your clothes look on your body, how confident you feel, and what you look like compared to other women.

Most of us start exercising because we don’t like the way we look.

And you know what?

That’s the WORST type of motivation to have!

Don’t Use Self-Hate to Get Started: You’ll Never Remain Consistent


One of the reasons I developed Burn360 is because I wanted to share short, effective workouts that work just as well as much longer workouts—but don’t take up all of your time, don’t require trips to the gym, and don’t involve the stress of life-changing sacrifices.

With the right workouts, it only takes about 20 minutes per day, just a few days per week to get lean, fit, and feeling great.

But, without consistency, you’ll never see results.


You can totally reset your metabolism, firm up your body everywhere, and take off fat that’s been stuck on your body for years…

…it’s easy to do if you’re following the right program.

But it’s impossible if you can’t stick to it.

Hating How You Look is One of the WORST Motivators to Have

What I’d like you to do right now is reconsider why you want to get fit.

Is it to look great?

That’s fine…but it can’t be your primary motivator. It can’t be your ONLY goal.

Because hating the way you look right now is a horrible motivator.

Your mental and emotional health is what’s going to keep you going. That’s what will keep you consistent.

And if you’re only sticking to something because you don’t like who you are…you’ll be destroying yourself emotionally and ruining your chances of actually making a healthy change.

We rarely make positive changes in our lives as a result of negative self-talk.

It just doesn’t happen that way.

Think if just one time if your life where negativity has allowed you to make a positive change in your life or your behavior.

When we feel shame, when we use negativity, when we say I hate the way I look and then USE THAT to motivate lifestyle changes…

…we never truly find happiness. EVEN IF WE REACH OUR GOALS!

Why Workouts Matter:

Here’s what I propose…

If you want to be “skinny” that’s fine.

But it’s better to set your sights on healthy.


Consistent workouts improve your health—even if you don’t lose any weight and even if you are “overweight” according to some outdated doctor chart.


I’m not just saying that either.

According to researchers at the University of Cambridge, workouts improve your overall health even if you aren’t losing weight. Their study demonstrated that just a 20 minute per day walk could be enough to reduce the risk of an early death.

The National Cancer Institute says 1.25 hours of vigorous physical activity per week can increase lifespan by 4.5 years.

When you’re fit, those are good years too.

Recently, the LA Times reported that UCLA found that 54 million Americans who are labeled “obese” by BMI charts are actually perfectly healthy—because they work out regularly.

It’s NOT About Skinny, It’s About Overall Health


I have goals beyond health too.

I want to be functionally strong so I can keep up with my toddler. I want to have cardio endurance so I can go on a long day hike in the woods with my husband while pushing the stroller. Yes, I enjoy looking great in a swimsuit at the beach. It feels good.

But the bigger goal?

Is overall health.

Mentally, emotionally, and physically.

When you reset your metabolism with short, effective workouts you’ll feel more energy, more stamina, and more strength. Sleep quality improves. You wake up without grogginess. You’ll go through your day without getting tired.

Even short workouts help you feel better about yourself, even if your body composition doesn’t change.

In fact, the short workout style I’ll show you inside the Burn360 Metabolic Reset boosts levels of the brain chemicals responsible for making us feel great.

And your health?

That will improve too.

But remember, it’s not just about the number on the scale. It’s not just about BMI. It’s not just about looking good.

Let the positive picture of good health and feeling better regardless of body composition motivative you, because if you approach your workouts from a place of self-hate, you’ll never be able to stick to them.

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