4 "Reality TV" Workouts Stars Use to Get Fit


Susan Ohtake, CPT

What can you learn from watching TV? Well...let's find out! Take a look at some of the workouts and fitness techniques featured on some of TV's hottest reality shows.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians—Eat Plenty

The Kardashians are some of biggest reality stars in the world, and part of the reason behind that is because of their amazing bodies. The sisters have posed on the covers of magazines like Vogue and Shape (so I'm going to go ahead and say their physiques are at the very top of the celeb game).

The girls work out regularly, as highlighted by the show. But, it’s what they do between workouts that really matters: THEY EAT. Sometimes, it seems like they’re always eating.

They eat so much because they need fuel for their workouts. If you stop eating—or don’t eat enough—the body responds by going into starvation mode. To burn stubborn fat and get your optimal body, eat like the Kardashians.

They have regular meals that are high in nutrients. You see them eating a lot of great salads, smoothies, and healthy proteins.

Another important takeaway from their eating habits is that they aren’t afraid to treat themselves. A bite of cake here, a donut there, even the occasional burger—these small indulgences make their overall healthy diets sustainable over the long term.

The Biggest Loser—Holistic Approach

One of the members of the Biggest Loser team, Jillian Michaels has become a symbol of fitness that is achievable for everyone. Although she is well known for her workouts, she is also a nutritionist.

On the Biggest Loser, Michaels always reminds contestants how important it is to have a balance between diet and exercise. Getting your best body means eating more thoughtfully and doing effective exercises.

Too often, we get hung up on one side of weight loss or the other. Sometimes, that means exercising without eating the food we need to fuel our weight loss. Other times, it means that we can focus on dieting without actually moving our bodies. The result is bad health, stalled weight loss, and a flabby body.

If you can find a balance between dieting and exercising, you will lose the flab and begin to feel your overall health improve.

American Ninja Warrior—Total Body Movements & Intensity

On American Ninja Warrior, contestants tackle a challenging obstacle course that sometimes seems impossible. Now, I’m not saying you should be able to do the amazing things they can do on the show. But one important lesson to learn from these athletes is the value of functional total body movements and intensity.

Functional total body movements use muscle muscle groups at the same time. When you exercise using multiple muscle groups, you build strength and definition faster than when you work in isolation (just one muscle group at a time). Plus, you build real, functional, useful strengthen by working out the way your body moves.

Combine total body movements with INTENSITY and you have the secret to shorter workouts.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is all about going really hard at an exercise for short bursts, with downtime to rest in between. Studies have shown that this type of workout is not only great for your heart health and overall wellbeing, but it also helps you to burn more fat faster. Think short sprints...like powering through Ninja-Warrior style obstacles as fast as possible. With HIIT, you can get the body of a Ninja Warrior!

Dancing with the Stars—Just Get Moving!

Dancing with the Stars has featured contestants of all sorts of body shapes and sizes. Some of them are in great shape.

Just as often, they aren’t. Some of them are overweight, a lot of them are older, and many of them aren’t athletic at all. But, by the end of the show, the contestants have undergone a big change.

The key is raising TEE - Total Energy Expenditure

The reality of fat loss is this: Most people transform their bodies because they take on activities that increase the total amount of energy their bodies use every day...like dancing and moving more!

Results don't just come from calories burned during workouts or calories cut from dieting. Just like Dancing with the Stars, sometimes it's about changing your lifestyle so you get more activity.

The transformations can be amazing too! After months of activity, they always look healthier, happier, younger, and thinner. That’s the miracle of physical activity!

Sometimes, it can feel like we are too old or out of shape to get into an exercise routine. It seems hopeless, especially the longer we let ourselves go. The contestants on Dancing with the Stars show that anyone can get into shape, no matter their age or fitness level.

So, take inspiration from the stars and start your transformation today!

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