5 Dream Body Training Tips from Top Personal Trainers

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Susan Ohtake, Certified Personal Trainer

Susan Ohtake, CPT

You don't need to live at the gym to get amazing results.

And you don't need a personal trainer either (there's something no trainer will tell you!).

Sure, if you've been exercising for a while, but you don't have amazing results to show for it, then maybe it's time to ask for some help...

...but for most of us?
All it takes is following these 5 top personal training "secrets" (they are super simple too!).

Tip #1: Workout Using Your Brain, Not Just Your Body

One thing that’s great about going to a personal trainer is that they educate while they coach you. A good personal trainer not only tells you what to do, they also explain why you should do it.

Why is that so important?

When we work out, it’s essential that we understand not only what we are doing but why. What muscles are you trying to work out today? How do those muscles respond to the exercise? What does it feel like when the exercise is working?

With a little bit of knowledge, every move we make can count for more. Understanding your body, what it needs, and how to give it to it will take your workouts to the next level.

You don’t need to be a professional trainer to know what you are doing. There are plenty of free resources—like this website—that will help you gain a better understanding of your workout needs.

Tip #2: Exercise Less, Lose More

One problem that I see a lot among frustrated gym-goers is over-exercising. These poor people bust their butts to get into perfect shape, only to stall in their progress long before they achieve their ideal bodies. Why? Because they’re working out too much.

This is a time when a little knowledge of the science behind fitness can really come in handy.

The metabolism is the system in the body that processes chemicals. These processes determine how our bodies convert the food we eat into either fat or energy.

If your body senses a rapid increase in the amount of fuel you are using, it will start to conserve that fuel. It will burn less of the fat in our bodies to make sure we have fat reserves in case we need them.

This metabolic response to exercise is natural. Instead of fighting it, use it in your favor. Exercise less, focus on whole-body, high-intensity training, and waste less of your valuable time working out.

Tip #3: Skip the Machines

One thing that you rarely see a pro trainer doing is sticking their clients on any of those complicated looking contraptions at the gym. Good trainers know that machines and single muscle movements are a waste of time.

The key to getting results faster is to skip machines focused on working single muscles and use total body exercises that activate multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Tip #4: Stop Doing Sit-Ups and Crunches

You probably think crunches are good for you. They're not.

Core exercises are very important if you want tight, ripped abs. But crunches aren't good core exercises. They don't really do much, really, other than maybe give you strained neck muscles and a sore stomach.

I understand why people do crunches. Having a beautiful, flat tummy is everyone's dream, but crunches actually do little to flatten your stomach.

Crunches are a waste of time because they actually work against your core muscles. Your core was made to prevent twisting and bending...but when you do crunches, you're trying to force your midsection to unnaturally twist and bend.

Additionally, there's a good chance you have flat, defined abs already. They are just hidden under a layer of fat! A better use of your time and energy is getting that fat off (something crunches and situps are very inefficient at doing).

Tip #5: Switch it Up

One thing you want to avoid when you're getting into fitness is a rut. Ruts are bad enough in ordinary life, but when you're really putting yourself out there by working out, a rut can totally throw you off your game.

It's not just a mental rut either.

If you do the same workout over and over again, your body will adapt to your workout. Your body adapts to the workouts you give it. After it adapts, you need to change up your workout and challenge your body so it can adapt again.

Each adaptation is an improvement in how lean, firm, and fit you are. Switch up your workouts so you can keep giving your body the new challenges to adapt to.

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