Cut these 4 Popular Exercises Out of Your Workout

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Susan Ohtake, CPT

It is not always about exercising longer or harder. It is about exercising smarter. Some common exercises are definitely not smarter. In fact, many exercises will just leave you working out forever without seeing results. Just check out these time-wasting exercises:

Exercises That Waste Your Time

With limited time, you want to make sure that you are maximizing your benefits at the gym. Some exercises generate tons of benefits and other exercises simply waste your time. Below is a list of some of the most time wasting exercises:

Hanging Leg Raises

Most women are eager to tighten up their abs and leg raises are a go-to exercise for this. Unfortunately, leg raises do not work the core abdominal muscles. Instead leg raises work the hip flexor muscles and not in a good way. There are no benefits to this exercise and significant risks.

Behind The Neck Press

If you visit your gym's free weight area, you will probably see lots of people doing this exercise. Many of the people do it with extremely heavy weights, struggling to lift the bar over their head. The theory behind this exercise is great. It seems natural that it will build your shoulder and neck muscles. However, the benefits are low and the risks are high. Many people tear their rotator cuff doing this exercise and need surgery.

Abdominal Crunches

This is a go to exercise for many women. These crunches are simple and easy to do. However, they do not do a lot for your abs. You can always modify these crunches though. You can do much more for your body, health, and fitness by moving from the floor to a Swiss ball.

Leg Extensions

Some fitness experts and medical professionals embrace this exercise, but I don't! It might be beneficial after an injury or a surgery, however, for the average woman, this exercise is largely useless. Fitness experts explain that useful exercises mimic real world activities. We simply do not do leg extensions in real life.

These are not the only useless or time wasting activities. Some of the most popular activities at the gym shockingly have the lowest benefits.

No Time To Waste Time

If you're busy and your schedule is packed, you don't have time to waste time at the gym!

Look, this list is not extensive. There are plenty of movements, exercises, and workouts that simply waste time instead of getting results fast. If you're pressed for time and you want to see results fast, you need to cut out the junk workouts and focus on purposeful, quality workouts.

Before starting a new routine, it is important to do your research and reach out to someone who gets it. I can tell you what exercises work and which ones simply waste our time. Trust me, I am speaking from a place of experience. I'm glad to save you from the workout mistakes I've seen so many people make.

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