How these 3 Gym Machines Age You Faster

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Susan Ohtake, CPT

Are the most popular machines at the gym also the worst for you? If the goal is to get lean, look athletic, and feel years younger – you NEED to stay away from these popular gym machines. See why they are liked to accelerated aging, inflammation and chronic age-related problems…

The 3 machines I’m about to show you all encourage longer workouts and contribute to accelerated aging. These machines speed up the aging process.

The fact is that exercising too much and doing long workouts will cause your body to age faster because of free radical damage and oxidative stress, hormonal shifts, and changes in neurotransmitter regulation. These machines encourage you to exercise too much.

You’ll find these machines in every gym you’ll ever walk into.

My advice is to use these machines in moderation or – quite frankly – avoid them all together and use the more efficient age-reversing exercise style I’m about to show you.

Keep in mind: These machines have a place if you’re training for a specific activity or movement.

BUT - if your goal is to get lean, look younger, and actually have a body that functions younger – I suggest you avoid these age-accelerating machines and exercises all together.

Let's Start Here...

And the key to controlling the aging process is hormone regulation. Unfortunately, the machines I’m about to show you DO NOT help you regulate the hormonal process that causes aging.

Your body doesn’t have a “calendar” that tells it how old it is. The only way your body knows to age is through hormone release and DNA damage.

Your body is a giant chemical reaction and hormones are the chemicals that tell your body how to react.

Because your body has no real way of knowing it’s “calendar age” or how many years old you are – you end up with two different ages:

  1. Biological Age – This is how old your body functions and looks.
  2. Chronological Age – This is how old you actually are.

You can’t control your chronological age, but you can control your biological age.

The key is to controlling two factors that lead to biological aging: the breakdown of one specific DNA molecule and the decline of youth hormone levels within your body that happens as you get older.

As you learn about each of the machines that accelerating aging, I’m going to explain how you can control each of these factors so you can easily fight off age-related fat, stay lean & strong, and remain youthful.


1. Treadmills

Treadmills are one of the worst machines in any gym because they encourage you to perform long, age-accelerating bouts of cardio exercise.

You may have seen skinny marathon runners – but have you ever seen a marathon runner over age 30 who looked healthy? There is a reason you haven’t.

Think about the faces and features of marathon runners for a moment. Do they look young? The reason they don’t look young is because long bouts of cardio exercise speed up the aging process.

Oxidative stress and free radical damage from long cardio sessions are the worst cause of aging.

A contributing cause is cortisol release. Long bouts of cardio exercise cause your body to release cortisol – the stress hormone. Cortisol is tied directly to abdominal weight gain, depression, memory loss, and even collagen and elastin depletion. The last part may be the reason marathon runners look so much older than they are, especially their skin age!

There’s a workout technique that takes off fat much faster than cardio! In fact, it takes about 1/3 the time of a traditional fat-burning treadmill routine. Plus, instead of releasing stress hormones, it releases youth hormones.


2. Stationary Bikes

Take all the reasons treadmills age you faster and add this one more for stationary bikes:

Every plug-in machine-style stationary bike I’ve ever been on has a little diagram on it that tells you the ideal “heart rate zone” for fat burning.


What I’m about to tell you is controversial, DO NOT – under ANY circumstances – pay attention to this “heart rate zone” fat burning chart.

It will tell you that you need to exercise at around 70% of your maximum heart rate in order to burn fat.

What it doesn’t tell you is that your body stores around 1,800 calories of glycogen between muscle fibers and another 400 calories of glycogen in your liver that you have to burn through before your metabolism will ever burn an ounce of fat. That’s 2,200 calories of energy you have to burn before triggering fat burn.

Do you know how long that takes at 70% max heart rate? It’s about 90 minutes or more for most people.

That means you have to exercise for about 90 minutes before you every burn an ounce of fat!

All the while, the oxidative stress is adding up, stress on your body increases, cortisol is released…and all the signs and symptoms of getting older get worse.

If your goal is to burn fat, there is a faster way to exercise that also protects your body from biological aging. It takes a 1/3 of the time and burns just as many calories as long cardio efforts.


3. Isolated Exercise Machines

Every gym has these machines – you’ve seen them, right?

The bicep curl machine, leg extension machine, leg press, hamstring curl, and others…

My biggest gripe with these machines is that they work muscles in isolation – just one muscle group at a time. This is great if you want to get big and bulky in a specific area of your body.

But they only waste exercise time. Working in isolation alters the way your body naturally moves. Working in isolation limits your ability to activate all of your muscle fibers. And because of this, working in isolation doesn’t stimulate the release of youth-hormones. It only contributes to the oxidative stress you put your body under – stress that increase biological aging.

A better way to develop muscle tone is to get off machines are focus on compound exercises that recruit as many muscles as possible at the same time.

Recruiting more muscles at the same time and at the right intensity triggers the release of youth-enhancing hormones and protects your DNA from the #1 cause of aging. Here’s how…

What to Do Next...

Biological aging is a two-fold process:

Hormones and DNA determine how quickly you age.

Specifically, the end caps of your DNA (or telomeres) fall off, causing your DNA to unravel like a zipper with no end.

The right type of exercise intensity, achieved through metabolic training principles, protects these DNA end caps while releasing the youth-enhancing hormone somatotropin.

I know it sounds like a complex process, but it isn’t.

The key is simply activating as many muscles as possible at the same time. This is why I’m against the machines I mentioned here and why you want to involve your entire body at the same time in your workouts.

There is a particular way you want to perform these exercises to make sure you get the most of their youth-restoring potential.

Turning back the clock is possible and easy when you know HOW to trigger the right hormones in your body and protect your DNA from aging.

Learn the specifics behind this easy, super effective metabolic training method on the next page. Starting today, you’ll be able to trigger youth-enhancing hormones that accelerate fat burning and protect your body from the biological aging process!

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