Your Body is Sending You a Message: GET IT TOGETHER. It’s Time to Listen!

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Susan Ohtake, CPT

We can do so much to improve our daily lives without ever needing fads or crash diets.

Our bodies are amazing at telling us what they need. When we are eating healthy and staying fit, we receive amazing benefits. From higher endorphins to fewer illnesses, we get results that change our lives.

Unfortunately, it often takes our bodies sending us negative, even painful, messages to get us to wake up to what it needs from us.

Is your body sending you signals that it needs help?

  • Do you wake up with creaky joints?
  • Do you get winded walking up steps or hills?
  • Do you have aches and pains that you can’t explain?
  • Do you often have stomachaches or headaches?
  • Do you have knee or back pain from carrying extra weight?

These are only some of the ways our body cries out to us for help. Answer the call.

Feel Better with Total-Body Wellness

As I have discovered in my own life, you can’t expect for your life to improve if you don’t take steps to improve it. I’ve also learned how completely life-changing total fitness can be.

The problem with fad diets and exercise is that they’re not designed to last. They’re temporary solutions to long-term problems. So, when we stop doing them, our bodies forget they ever happened. Nothing changes, and nothing improves.

My approach is different. When I look at the body, I look at the entire system. Everything, from diet to exercise to state of mind, has a part to play in achieving your fitness goals.


The body tells us what it needs in so many ways. It’s truly amazing how smart it is! Take cravings for example. Our bodies will make us crave foods that contain the nutrients we are lacking. Without really noticing, we are in constant communication between our bodies and our brains.

When your body gets out of balance, those messages can become harder to read. Junk foods, for instance, are designed to keep our bodies craving them. Sugar, salt, and fat are all addictive substances. That’s why our bodies tell us we need junk food when we really don’t.

Getting rid of these bad messages is possible. You just have to retrain your brain by giving your body a break from harmful junk food.

As your addiction to junk food gets weaker, you will learn to trust your body’s messages more and more. Soon, you will be more in sync with your physical needs than ever before. Your health will improve and so will your quality of life. You can lose weight and shed fat by simply listening to your body.


How does exercising make you feel? Like death warmed over? That’s how it was for me too. I used to look at those people who talked about how good exercise made them feel and think, “They’re either lying or they’re crazy.”

I tried every exercise fad for decades. I did Jazzercise. I did Tae-Bo. I even bought a Thigh Master! Guess how many of these exercise fads stuck? That’s right. None. I’m sure it’s the same story for so many of you out there.

There’s a reason you don’t see many people doing Tae Bo or Jazzercise today.

These programs don’t last because they aren’t designed to be sustainable. They’re designed to sell big numbers really fast, then they disappear from our lives again. They’re gimmicks, a quick money grab.

The reality is that there is no secret magic trick that will make you healthy. Instead, live a balanced and healthy lifestyle where you’re in tune with your body’s needs. Make changes that will last for a lifetime.


As I’ve gotten older, I’ve discovered that one of the biggest advantages to a total-wellness lifestyle is how it allows me to address problems in my body before they get out of control. I’m not saying that I know some sort of miracle cure. In fact, that’s exactly the mindset I want to get away from. Improving your life isn’t a magic trick.

But, you can directly affect your own health and comfort by being in tune with your body. Since I’ve learned about my body, I am more able to give it what it needs.

By choosing exercises that target specific areas or systems, I am able to fight inflammation, pain, and aches before they get the better of me.

With my total-wellness approach to eating, I can also get ahead of health issues that arise from dietary issues. I’ve been able to lower the number of headaches and stomachaches I get to almost zero by making sure my body always has the right balance of nutrients and stimulation that it requires.

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