Step 1: Burn More Calories While You're NOT Working Out

Total Energy Expenditure is your greatest ally when it comes to burning belly fat and lower body fat.

You have to get your body to use more energy at rest so you’re melting fat all the time and NOT just while you’re working out. That way, you can exercise for just 20-25 minutes and burn just as many calories as if you did cardio for an hour or more.

I call this “afterburn.” It’s when your body continues fat burning after your workout is over.

Some workouts are better than others at keeping your afterburn high and melting fat while you go about your day.

The workouts I’m about to show you speed up calorie burn at rest and target stubborn areas where your body likes to hold on to fat.

The right combination of exercises, performed at the right time can trigger an “afterburn” effect that last for hours and even days, allowing you to burn fat from stubborn areas while you sit around.

But you also need step #2…