Step 3: Do the RIGHT Exercises (and Avoid the Wrong Ones!)

Unlike men, our bodies were made to hold on to belly and lower body fat. So how efficiently you work out matters more than anything else.

We actually have to worry about a “hidden fat” inside our bodies that likes to burn instead of stubborn fat.

Most workouts and even diets have trouble getting around this hidden fat.

It’s why we can exercise for hours on end, even run marathons, and still end up with bottom-heavy, pear shaped bodies.

Fortunately, efficient exercise can reset your metabolism so it ignores hidden fat…

…and burns belly and lower body fat instead.

With just 20 minutes of effort per day, without ever leaving your house, you can burn as many calories as 60 or 70 minutes of cardio…

…and the fat will burn from the right places, finally helping you tone up your belly, hips, legs, and booty.