Success Stories

Thousands of women have transformed their bodies with Burn360. Here are just some of the inspirational success stories people have shared with me...

(Legal Disclaimer: Weight loss varies by individual. You may not achieve similar results.)
Liz T., age 35
Covina, California

This program has gotten me stronger than I have ever been! I'm so ecstatic to lift weights now and could care less about long hours of…

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Mary P., age 52
Port Saint Lucie, FL

I am a 52 year old mother and grandmother. I started out at 5'4, 146 pounds and seriously out of shape, physically and mentally

I had n…

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Vivienne S., age 60
South Africa

After a few weeks I noticed I had gained more flexibility and my body was responding quicker to the various movements required for the exer…

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Karen W., age 42
Washington, IL

My goal was to lose my remaining "baby weight" after having my ninth child in September 2012. I achieved my goal losing 7 pounds …

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Hanneline G., age 35
South Africa

This program is not just about losing weight. It’s a life changing experience. It’s more than full body high intensity workouts that’s 100%…

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Tsitsi L., age 40
Silver Spring, MD

When I started the program I couldn’t do a single push-up. Not on my knees, not in my dreams. I had never lifted anything beyond a pink dum…

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Kerstin M., age 40
United Kingdom

When I started, I lost 3 kg in the first 2 weeks. This was unheard of! Over the past 20 years I hadn’t managed to lose ANY weight even thou…

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Beverly W., age 45
Manassas, VA

It is a great feeling that not only can I tell the difference but people around me have noticed the change in my weight! I lost 16 pounds a…

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Shirin T., age 35
Toronto, Canada

Even though I didn’t have time to do all of it, I still love the results...

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Jesse B., age 29
Durban, South Africa

Going to the gym for 2 hours a day was just plain boring and there were very little results. Now with short intense workouts, they are grea…

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Renette v., age 35
Somerset West, South Africa

I really enjoy the program and I'm still continuing with it. On the first round I was very weak and I felt that I could definitely ben…

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Claudia S., age 32

What I love about this workout is that I can do my daily workout only in 30 min and still got the rest of the day off! Otherwise I knew tha…

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