3 Steps to a Flat Stomach

Discover the Faster, More Effective Way to Burn Off Unwanted Stomach Fat at Age 30, 40 (and Beyond)

by Susan Ohtake

Certified Personal Trainer & Over 40 Mom

If you want to burn off stubborn belly fat, you can’t start with crunches, sit-ups, or core work…

Crunches are simply a waste of time when it comes to shedding stubborn fat around your midsection. That’s because:

You Already Have Toned & Flat Abs, You Just Can’t See Them!

Everyone has 6-pack abs hiding under belly fat and flab. Getting the fat off is what reveals your already flat, toned stomach.

Crunches and ab workouts don’t specifically target belly fat.

So instead, you need to focus on getting the fat off by changing how fast your body burns fat and where your body finds the fat.

Follow along and discover 3 steps you can try to finally melt off stuck-on stomach and lower body fat while toning up your core…without performing a single crunch.