Step 2: Get Strong!

The easiest way to burn an extra 700 calories per week is to get strong.

Did you know that for every pound of muscle you add to your body, your body uses up to 50 more calories a day at rest?

I’m not saying you have to bulk up like a body builder.

But you do need to replace the fat taking up space on your arms, back, booty, and legs with lean, toned muscle if you ever want to slim down, firm up and see cellulite disappear.

(I’ll show you the fastest, most effective way to get strong without bulking up in just a minute.)

But let's crunch the numbers real quick:

Add just 2 pounds of muscle to your body and you’ll burn an additional 700 calories a week just sitting around. That’s nearly 12 pounds of fat per year lost by only changing your body composition.

But I need you to be careful, especially because of step 3…